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Chakra Energy (2-6 players – Ages 6 and up)

Energize all seven chakra centers with yoga poses. Learn the name, location, color, and symbol of each chakra and how it relates to you in your life. Complete your energy card and feel great!

Matching Game (2-6 players – Ages 4 and up)

A card game that will teach you to identify yoga poses. Pick a card with butterfly pose and a card with a picture of a butterfly and make a match! Learn yoga poses and their names while improving your memory skills!
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Yoga Bingo (2-6 players – Ages 5 and up)

It’s bingo with a twist! Learn yoga while playing bingo. Find the pose on your bingo board and do that pose, get four poses in a row and shout “YOGA!”


Sun Salutation (2-6 players – Ages 5 and up

Energize your day with a sun salutation. Learn the sun salutation sequence while playing this great card game. When you get the full sequence in your hand, place it down and begin your sun salutation.

Simply Hearts

A wonderfully simple book to enjoy in heart and body. Find he heart in all you see… and connect with the world around you. Your entire family will have fun with this activity book as you turn each page into a yoga pose. INstructions included in back!

Extra Large Sun Salutation Cards (Ages 5 and up)

These cards are your complete guide to the Sun Salutation. Use them on the floor as you practice your favorite poses, or as an inspiration mounted on a wall. Move your body, still your mind, and connect with your breath – but most of all, have fun and feel great! Twelve extra large cards. Each measures 7×9 inches.

Yoga Activity Book (More than 20 games and activities!)

Create a fun, healthy lifestyle for children through yoga. This complete yoga experience helps children develop strength, flexibility, concentration, focus, relaxation, cooperation and creativity. 23 pages of fun with fresh ideas for yoga play!
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Yoga Pose Coloring Book

Encourage your child to learn 30 yoga poses. Developed to inspire the whole child – physically, emotionally and creatively. 30 pages of coloring fun!$9.95
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Mandala Coloring Book

Mandala art is a circular design, and can be used as a meditative practice, by drawing the eye inward. this is a wonderful way for children to relax and meditate as they create beautiful, colorful works of art. 21 pages, includes creating your own Mandalas.
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Spiraling Hearts Yoga Mat

The spiraling Hearts Yoga Mat is non-slip – perfect for use at home, in school, or at the yoga studios and is ideal for playing Spiraling Hearts Yoga Games and practicing your favorite poses.